My favorite birding blogs and websites and locations:

This blog is run by my good old companion Devaram.
He's an Indian tog birding in Shanghai since July 2011 and a keen birder.

Through his site he is promoting the birding in China and its huge wealth of bird life.

While living in Shanghai, one hotspot on East Asian-Australian flyway, he brings out news about birding in and around Shanghai especially during the autumn/spring migration.

In addition he often takes foreign birdwatchers to the hotspots close to Shanghai.

gamebirds_megamebirds_me and shall give an up-to-date overview of bird life in Germany and Luxembourg, and it shall be put into an European context in co-operation with otherornithp-systems. It shall bring together everybody interested in bird life, shall inspire people about the avifauna, and shall support environmental education. The data from and are used for scientific analysis and for the purpose of nature conservation.